Decode Tradehub

Trade pricing and quotes

No more waiting — with Tradehub you are purchasing directly and independently. Your discounted trade prices are displayed without having to request a quote.

Bespoke delivery options

We do not inflate our product costs to hide shipping within the list price. Instead, we evaluate a shipping rate depending on the size and the complexity of your basket. Tardehub allows you to estimate the shipping costs on your own. Read more here.

Assistance of Your Account Manager

Your Hem Pro account allows you to create your own quote without having to request any information. But we're always there if you need us — our account managers are available for selecting and specifying products for your projects, handling sample requests and manage orders.

 How to apply?

Fill out your details in the application form. Your application will be processed within 24 hours. As soon as the application is reviewed, you’ll receive an email containing the link to activate your account and choose the password. As soon as you do that, you can start shopping at your trade discount, create quotes and place orders directly.


 Need help? Get in touch

If you need assistance with filling out your application or have more questions about Hem Pro, do not hesitate to contact us! Just send us an email, call us or use the form below to get in touch. Our office hours are 10-17 GMT+1, Mon-Fri.
Phone: ++4 (0)20 8988 9124

Our commercial clients include:

WeWork - Spotify - Radisson - TK Maxx - Google - J Jill - Fat Face - Wahaca - Esprit - Hilton -Microsoft - Wasabi - InterContinental - MGM Grand - Best Western - Swisscom - Camino Real Hotels - BAA - Mandarin Oriental - Novotel - Nandos - Giraffe - Jamies Italian - Yoo - Restaurant Story - Tom’s Kitchen - Rough Trade - Rooster Piri Piri .


Happy Face Pizza by Pentagram

Hotel Indigo, Dundee
Specifying Partner: Moleta Munro


Various Locations UK


Bespoke Vessel Chandelier
Village Underground, London